Benefits of CATI Membership

Benefits of Individual Membership

  • Database: Members are listed on the website database. Potential clients can search by language, specialization, telephone number, city, zip code, state, and/or name.
  • Members Pages: Access to the members section of the website where job announcements and other pertinent information is posted.
  • Emails: Up-to-date information in the translation and interpretation industry is sent via email.
  • The My CATI Blog (previously the CATI Quarterly), focusing on translation and interpretation in the Carolinas and beyond, with in-depth articles and features.
  • Active social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • “Translation: Your Access to the World,” a leaflet designed to guide the prospective client in selecting and working with professional translators.
  • Local groups meet in some metropolitan areas. Their activities include informative programs relevant to translating and interpreting, as well as social events. Networking is an important benefit of participation.
  • An email will be sent to announce the date, time and place of any group meetings or other educational events. It is also possible to call another member in your region or language and get together on an informal basis.
  • Workshops, seminars and annual conferences provide for professional development and contact with a wider circle of colleagues. ATA continuing education credit is offered at most workshops, seminars and conferences.

Benefits of Corporate/Institutional Membership

The benefits of a CATI corporate/institutional membership are the same as those for individual membership, with the following additions:

  • Corporate/institutional members can send as many employees/associates as they wish to CATI events at member prices.
  • Corporate/institutional members are listed in the corporate/institutional member section of the online directory.