Benefits of All Membership Types

  • Access to the bi-monthly email where up-to-date information in the T/I industry, articles, announcements and other pertinent information is posted.
  • Active social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Local groups meet in some metropolitan areas. Their activities include informative programs relevant to translating and interpreting, as well as social events. Networking is an important benefit of participation.
  • An email will be sent to announce the date, time and place of any group meetings or other educational events. It is also possible to call another member in your region or language and get together on an informal basis.
  • Membership rates for Workshops, Seminars and Annual Conferences provide for professional development and contact with a wider circle of colleagues. ATA continuing education credit is offered at most workshops, seminars and conferences.

Benefits of Individual Membership

  • Members are listed on our website's searchable database. Potential clients can search by language, specialization, state, region or name.
  • You may list 5 language pairs to be used in the search feature.
  • Student members may only claim student status if currently enrolled as a curriculum student in any institute of higher education in any T/I or related program. You may only use the student status for a maximum of 4 years. You will be required to show proof of your status as a student.

Individual Membership - $80.00       Student Membership - $30.00

Individual +one Family member in the same household - $150.00

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Benefits of Being a Sponsor

All sponsors have logo's on the home page with a link to a page about your Company or Institution. All sponsors have their logo's at the top of the Corporate/Institutional list again with a link to your page. Gold sponsors are listed first then Silver and then Bronze. Gold Sponsors have 500 words to describe your services, Silver have 300 words, and Bronze have 200 words.

Gold Sponsors - $500.00

Silver Sponsors - $250.00

Bronze Sponsors - $175.00

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Benefits of Corporate/Institutional Membership

  • Corporate/Institutional members are listed in the Corporate Members button.
  • Corporate/Institutional members can send as many employees/associates as they wish to CATI events at member prices.
  • Corporate/Institutional may list all of the languages your business offers to clients.

Corporate Membership - $125.00       Institutional Membership - $100.00

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CATI Logo Usage Guidelines

Use of the CATI logo is a benefit of membership and is restricted to CATI members in good standing; members may use the logo on stationary, business cards, and in advertising to indicate CATI membership.

Using the CATI logo is a great way to put your CATI membership to work for you. It's an effective marketing tool that quickly spotlights your professionalism and enhances your business image.

The logo is the property of CATI annd is protected by state and federal laws.

The logo may not be used to state or imply that CATI has endorsed a company or a company's products and services. Members may not place the logo on their products.

No alteration of the CATI logo is allowed. The CATI logo may not be taken apart. It may not be combined with other design elements. It may not be changed in color, font, size or otherwise modified from the version supplied by CATI.

The logo must be accompanied by the text "Carolina Association of Translators & Interpreters."

The logo must be displayed in a positive manner. It may not be used to depict CATI or any of its members, services, products, or affiliates in a negative way.

Guidelines for Logo Usage in Print:

  • The logo must be the approved version and must be displayed in accordance with all guidelines
  • The logo color must be either blue and gold, black, or reversed white.
  • The logo must stand alone. It may not be combined with other graphical elements.

Guidelines for Logo Usage on the Internet:

  • The logo must be the approved version and must be displayed in accordance with all guidelines.
  • The logo must include a link to the main page of the CATI website.
  • The logo color must be either blue and gold, black, or reversed white.
  • The logo must be placed in a prominent spot on the website. It may not be combined with other graphical elements.

These high resolution graphics can be downloaded by right-clicking and selecting "Save image as."