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The Department of Languages and Culture Studies at UNC Charlotte is a dynamic, research-intensive department with a commitment to balancing curricular tradition and innovation. Translation and interpreting courses provide students the opportunity to learn about the latest technologies and professional practices while deepening their ability to provide high-quality language services, including general and specialized translation, interpreting, revising, and editing.

Graduate Programs

  • Master of Arts in Spanish with two concentrations:
  1. Translation and Interpreting Studies (TIS)
  2. Language, Literature and Culture (LLC)
  • Graduate Certificates:
  1. Graduate Certificate in Translation (five languages paired with English)
  2. Graduate Certificate in Translation and Interpreting Studies (Spanish<->English)
  3. Graduate Certificate in Business Language (Spanish)

Undergraduate Programs

  • BA in French, German, Japanese and Spanish
  • Undergraduate Certificates
  1. Undergraduate Certificate in Translation (five languages paired with English)
  2. Undergraduate Certificate in Business Language (French, German, Japanese, and Spanish)
  3. Undergraduate Certificate in German for Engineering
  4. Undergraduate Certificate in Hispanic Literary Studies

The department serves individuals who seek:

  • career and professional advancement opportunities in interpreting (healthcare, court), translation, applied language (Spanish for the professions and specific purposes, such as business and international trade), and education;
  • to earn a bachelor’s degree in applied language (such as translation and interpreting) after transferring with an associate degree;
  • a greater understanding of language, literature and culture;
  • a Certificate as proof of study in Translation or Business Language; and/or
  • graduate education in fields such as Hispanic Literature, Linguistics, Translating and Translation Studies, Interpreting Studies, Intercultural Communication, or International Studies.

Languages Taught: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish,


Contact Person: Carol Hartley

(704) 687-8584 , carolhartley@charlotte.edu

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