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The Department of Languages and Culture Studies at UNC Charlotte is a dynamic, research-intensive department with a commitment to balancing curricular tradition and innovation. Translation and interpreting courses provide students the opportunity to learn about the latest technologies, practice on advanced post-editing and translation project-management skills.

Graduate Programs

  • Master of Arts in Spanish with two concentrations:
  1. Translating and Translation Studies (TTS)
  2. Language, Literature and Culture (LLC)
  • Graduate Certificates:
  1. Graduate Certificate in Translation (five languages paired with English)
  2. Graduate Certificate in Translation and Interpreting Studies (Spanish<->English)
  3. Graduate Certificate in Business Language (German, Spanish)

Undergraduate Programs

  • BA in French, German, Japanese and Spanish
  • Undergraduate Certificates
  1. Undergraduate Certificate in Translation (five languages paired with English)
  2. Undergraduate Certificate in Business Language (French, German, Japanese, and Spanish)

The department serves individuals who seek:

  • career and professional advancement opportunities in interpreting (health care, court), translation, applied language (Spanish for the professions and specific purposes, such as business and international trade), and education;
  • to earn a bachelor’s degree in applied language (such as translation and interpreting) after transferring with an associate degree;
  • a greater understanding of language, literature and culture;
  • a Certificate as proof of education in Translating or Business Language; and/or
  • graduate education in fields such as Hispanic Literature, Linguistics, Translating and Translation Studies, Interpreting Studies, Intercultural Communication, or International Studies.

Languages Provided: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish,


Contact Person: Carol Hartley

(704) 497-3522 , chartley1@uncc.edu

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