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Webinar – Introduction to Localization:
Modes, Technologies and Practices
June 15 at 11:00am

CATI Webinar Series – Introduction to Localization: Modes, Technologies and Practices

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June 15, 2019 at 11:00am

By Loubna Bilali, Kent State University

Speaker Bio

Loubna Bilali is an Assistant Professor of Translation Studies. She is originally from Morocco. Loubna holds a Ph.D. in Translation with a focus on localization from Kent State University. She teaches translation technology courses in the MA in Translation Studies, and intercultural communication courses for the Bachelor of Science in Translation. Her research interests include localization training, terminology management, corpus-based research, translation pedagogy and online education. Her academic research focuses on localization training and particularly on ways to bridge the gap between academia and industry by developing interdisciplinary curricula that address the particularities and challenges of translation-related professions.

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